categories are in order for the ball  / registration is mandatory for the INCREDIBALL via [email protected] (ticket incl. in registration fee of 8€)

◊ Mini Production as a House 

The Incredible House

Celebrating the individuality of incredible Houses all around the Globe - show us what makes your House so unique!! Each aspect of this mini production should represent your house clearly - from the choice of music via the choice of outfits to a signature performance as a House. The production should be 1:30 minutes and include a minimum of 4 members – and maximum of 8 members. NOTE: registration is LIMITED - pre registration is mandatory.

◊ European Runway Tag Team 

Incredible Complementary Colors 

European Runway Tag Team - Incredible Complementary Colors: Celebrating the striking optics of complementary colors - as van Gogh wrote "searching for oppositions ... searching for broken colors and neutral colors to harmonize the brutality of extremes.” Create your matching look (NOT TWO IDENTICAL OUTFITS) and walk the runway with model effect, turns and tricks as a Team. Choose two colors that you want to get creative with - one primary color (yellow, blue, or red) and combine it with one secondary color (green, violet or orange). Feel free to use the choice of colors the way you want.

◊ Bizarre 

Incredible World Wonders

Celebrating some of the world's most astonishing wonders, created by both nature and humans. Let your bizarre and incredible fashion creation be inspired by one of the following World Wonders: Amazon Rainforest, Great Pyramid of Giza, Great Wall of China, Great Barrier Reef. 

◊ Pretty Boy Realness 

Incredible Every Day Heroes 

Celebrating the every day heroes that dedicate their life to help others! They save us from incredible situations and function as role models and wet dreams for many. Serve lifesaving realness as a Fire Fighter or Doctor.

◊ Defipayette /Pose Pour Payette ◊        

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◊ Hands Performance 

 Incredible Illusions  

Celebrating the skill to enchant the audience and serve surprising illusions. Bring it as a marvelous magician with white gloves and make us gag with your exceptional story told by your HANDS. For your 10´s you have to impress the Judges with a magic trick involving a prop. 

◊ Old Way &  New Way OTA 

 Incredible Icons 

Celebrating two unique, inspirational and truly incredible artists that have passed away this year. Prince & David Bowie. Impossibly creative and relentlessly glamorous - Style Icons who have influenced and impressed the masses with their Looks and Personality. As a tribute to these great souls we want to see your incredible performance light up the dance floor!

NOTE: these are 2 separate categories - NOT old way vs new way!!! 

New Way: dress code inspired by one of David Bowie's signature looks in Ziggy Stardust.

Old Way: dress code inspired by one of Prince's signature looks in Purple Rain.

◊ Vogue Fem OTA 

Incredible Duality  

Celebrating the duality of life and the concept of Yin and Yang, a symbol representing perfect balance of two opposing but complementary forces that are found in all things. 

NOTE: these are 2 separate categories, participants have to choose ONE of the two styles – it is not possible to participate in both! 

Soft & Cunt: Yang representing the light, passion & growth – dress code all in white with one black accessory - serve your soft & cunt 10`s with a small dramatic twist!  

Dramatics: Yin – representing the ocean, femininity and associated with shadows – dress code all in black with one white accessory - serve your dramatic 10`s with a small soft & cunt twist!