In 2012 Georgina Leo Melody and Mic Oala introduced Germany’s first Voguing Festival under the name of BERLIN VOGUING OUT with support of the House of Melody. The first event was enthusiastically embraced by the very enthusiastic audience and international participants.

Since then BVO established itself as a meeting point for the international voguing scene as well as a wide spread audience. Besides the Voguing festival BVO organizes regularl Classes, Workshops and the community events TIT BIT BALL in order to establish a well based voguing scene in Germany.

Great emphasis is put on the international exchange with teachers from New York and all over Europe.  Up to date legends like Hector Xravaganza, Archie Burnett, Cesar Valentino, Javier Ninja, Anna Ninja, Lasseindra Ninja and Aus Ultra Omni were guests in Berlin.                                      

As music is an important aspect for this culture BVO has built up strong relationships with special DJs/producers like BVO resident House of Shade, American ballroom experts like Vjuan Allure and MikeQ, and crowd puller like Techno/Deep House DJ Prosumer.